• Skye Skeffington

Yoga on the Australian School Curriculum?

School Students in Australia experience high stress which negatively impacts on their academic performance, mental health, relationships and self worth. It is crucial schools teach students how to identify and best manage stress and give students skills will continue to benefit them throughout their lives.

Adolescence, in particular, is a critical learning stage for students as health-related behaviours established during this period are often carries through out their lives.

Nearly half (47%) of Australian students feel very tense when they study, or are faced with exams compared to the international average of 37%. Of the 50% of young people in years 7 to 12 who report feeling moderately to extremely stressed over exams, the number one source of pressure comes from themselves. Stress management programs, such as yoga and mindfulness, have proved to be of high value in countries the United States and UK. Similar programs would benefit Australian school children.

Karma Kids Club is working in conjunction with Teen Yoga based in the UK to bring have yoga recognised and accepted as part of the Australian School Curriculum. It is a slow process but one we are passionate about.

Imagine Australian Schools with just 10 mins of morning Yoga

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